Tuesday, September 11, 2007

MSDJ Episode 1: 8BC.org's Official PodCast

So the first Episode is more like a pilot.
It will get better and better as we continue to do more episodes. But we need your help! Email us with news, suggestions, requests, etc. We would love to be able to plug events, releases, parties, on the show to bring you up to date info on what's going on in the community.

Our goal is to get an episode out every other week, but if the demand is greater we shall push for one a week. Keep in mind this ends up being a lot of work behind the scenes and with schedules, it is really difficult to get everything on our lists of things to do done!

Stay tuned for Episode II

1:11 Nordloef - To Hell With You and All Your Fucking Friends
3:25 Combat Dave - I Am A Pirate
6:40 Calis - Powerblade
9:55 CCIvory - Sales to the wind and my love
13:50 MSDJ Micro Jam
14:57 Moral Edge - Integrated Passion
19:01 Henry Homesweet - Simple Pleasures
22:39 Jellica & Dr Dru - I wld di 4 u (Prince Cover)
25:00 JW86 - Atomic Vassermative (Live version) (is that a word?)
28:14 Kashioboy - Pineapple Rag
30:53 She - And Beyond (dual Gameboys)
32:41 tRasH cAn maN - Emancipation
35:42 Syphus - Broken
37:32 Nanogrrrl - Spring Is Here
39:26 Disasterpeace - Death Satellite Evasion 1