Monday, October 1, 2007

MSDJ Episode 2:'s Official PodCast

Welcome to Episode 2! Back with some more great tunes, New and Old from!! We're still working out some bugs and hope to have a better recording setup as soon as possible but until then we think it's sounding pretty decent! We have a special guess this episode whom everyone should know. ;) or at least remember!

Just a heads up about Blip Fest coming up at the end of November!
Please visit for more information!

Environmental Sound Collapse has a new record download entitled: "The Zombies want your brains, so bad baby"
It's yours free!! Check it out!

Flash Bob has a new EP out as well!! " Sprites" Released on!

WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! Please drop us an email with any news that you feel MSDJ listeners should know! Perhaps a show? A CD/MP3 album release? A meet up perhaps.!? Just drop us an email at:
We also wouldn't mind hearing from you literally! If you would like to send a brief mp3 message to us telling us that you love the show, or hate it! Perhaps a "radio spot" (i.e.: "This is *insert name here*, and you're listening to MSDJ!" Or something along those lines) message, or instead of emailing us text email, send us an audio message! It Just might make it onto the show!

Just a note about the show: If we completely messed up the pronunciation's of your name or the song title, our apologies, we are not linguists! Just drop us an email and correct us!

Next episode we hope to have a special guest with us all the way from the UK.
We can't give it away quite yet, but it should be a great show, if not great, at least fun to put together! Har Har Check back soon!

1:15 Hellostereo - Hokkaido Noon
4:01 The J. Arthur Keenes Band - Sunday School Smiles
5:28 Flegmatical - Solitary Sundays (two Sunday songs in a row!!)
7:54 Eat_Rabbit - Breaking Hearts Girls
11:18 Clap! - Sexy Ghost Bonanza
13:32 Gut Feeling - Super Cannon
15:22 Kidgamma - Famicorps vs Mother
17:08 **NEWS**
18:31 Matt Fuzz - Vivre Dans l'oubli
20:31 McFireDrill - Spider Babies
23:10 8 Bit Weapon - Breathe Sleep Dream
26:36 Qwertypak - Pt-87 Heatchip
30:13 Yerzmyey - Cub
32:43 Nullsleep - Ballistic Picnic


non said...

KILLER TRACKS and TUNES FTW! Keep up the good work! Chiptunes glitch up podwaves ULTRA HYPER ATTACK G-G-G-GO!

Frank said...

Wicked stuff guys. Just needs more OBE!!!