Sunday, November 25, 2007

MSDJ Episode 4:'s Official PodCast

Hard to believe it's Episode 4 already. And almost December!!! Yeowzza.
With the holidays coming we are getting very busy, along with Blip Fest coming!!
We wanted to get another episode out before Blip.

A couple things of note.
Be sure to check for future news and updates.
KittenRock has a new release:
Robots & Disco's Compilation.

OBE has released an EP entitled Vertigo
check out the "releases" section of the 8bc forums for more info!

CCIvory has released yet another amazing album entitled Launch
visit for ordering info.

I Am Your Distruction has also released an EP entitled "Captives of the Sky"
check out the "releases" section of the 8bc forums for more info!

And hopefully by the end of the month we will see a release by Xinon and Sabrepulse entitled Realization. This is due out on 8 Bit Peoples

***BIG NEWS***
We are holding a contest.
What is it? We are looking for an opening theme song for the podcast. It should be kept to 30seconds to 1 minute in time. We will be featuring this theme song at the beginning of each show. It should include something that says what the podcast is.. So vocals are VERY welcome.

Now the important part.... What will you win? That's simple.. a pro modified gameboy ( color or classic, it's your choice) w/ 1 licensed copy of LSDJ. It will be a clean license that you will own. We will announce our winner in our 1st podcast of a the new year.. soo consider the deadline January 1st 2008.

You can email your submissions to: msdjpodcast(at)gmail(dot)com
Good luck!!

00:45 GiveUpNewYork - Dreaming of Winter
04:39 Lutin - Battle Robot Sexy Dance
06:58 Nestroyer - Someway
09:29 Goferboy - Take On Me (A-Ha remix/cover)
15:21 Nitro2k01 - Red Diamond (Preview)
17:09 Zepsi - Geoffrey the Fly
18:23 FameBoy - Dot Matrix Cavern
22:25 Nurykabe - Mes Dents
23:57 Pixel Error - Error
25:58 bit'R'chip - Red Dragon
31:00 10 Foot Ballerina - If it's broke don't fix it
36:19 Stochastic - Blistering thumbs and a broken heart
39:09 Bit Shifter - Chumming the Ocean (Archers of Loaf Cover)

Thanks to all the artists uploading tracks on and for keeping things interesting! Take care, we'll see you next time ( and at blip fest!!)

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Jiub said...

it wont let me download/listen to this one :(
love the other three though :D