Tuesday, January 8, 2008

MSDJ Episode 5: 8bc.org's Official PodCast

Hello and happy holidays to you. Sorry it has taken us so long to get episode 5 out to you. We have been extremely busy and things have been changing on and around 8bitcollective.org. We are in the process of a server change over so some links will not be working for a bit. In example "msdj.8bc.org" currently isn't redirecting you to the blogspot page. Have no fear, this will get fixed very soon.

With the new year we hope to bring your more episodes more often, but in order to do that we need artists to continue uploading songs to 8bitcollective.org

We had a blast at blip fest and can only recommend checking out blip 2008.
If you missed this year's and or last years event check out 2 Player Productions
DVD : "Blip 2006" which is available from their website. They also have footage of Blip 2007
uploaded! So check them both out!!! Amazing footage!

Please let us know what you think about 8bc, or this podcast by dropping us an email!

So with out wasting too much time here is the track list:

00:45 Falco Lombardi - We are gravity VIRUS (collab w/ Combat Dave)
06:01 Sybiat - Moonlit Requisition
08:02 t3h rave - Next Chipisode
10:35 Albino Ghost Monkey - Detach
13:30 FTFX - Hikikiomori (We goofed on announcing this, think we got the names backwards, sorry!)
16:16 Shirobon - Honey Catcher
18:36 OH NO, It's Phazon! - Double Strength Vanilla
20:53 The 486 Kid - Sweet Chip of Mine
27:30 Kola Kid - Cash Machine Go!
30:36 Rushjet1 - Math Party
32:45 MM & Sandy Cheecks - Make your way to Wonderland
36:22 Intensity - Sweet Alien (original C64 Re-Mastered Mix)
40:19 Bleepie - Blue Ship
44:43 Slorrin - Christmas in Hyrule

Thanks to all the artists uploading tracks on 8bitCOLLECTIVE.com and for keeping things interesting! Take care, we'll see you next time!

_ Your MicroSoundDee-Jay's,
LameBoy & Unicorn Dream Attack!


dotdUmmy said...
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dotdUmmy said...

I felt that this episode was a bit too "dancey." But I know, I know... the friggin kids these days love it!

Tom Hedley said...

MSDJ Fucking rocks!!