Sunday, April 13, 2008

MSDJ Episode 7:'s Official PodCast

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Hello and Welcome to Episode 7 of Micro Sound Dee-Jay. It has been over 2 months since our last episode. For that we apologize. But we hope to bring you many more in the near future. This week you're in for a treat. With special guests L-Tron, and Amiga Agia we had some of the most fun we've had in a while!

So here is you track listing!

01:04 Laren - Cobracure
03:57 Kkrusty - Face
06:28 Henry Homesweet - Laputa (48hr challenge)
09:43 Wizards&Warriors - 3,000,000 light years away
13:03 Kami68K - Caravan Star
14:55 (Disassembler) Mononoke - Bits & Plankton
17:24 Nordloef - Beers&Noodles
21:20 L-Tron - Commence Operation
26:41 Psilodump - Dans
31:44 Krisamouse - Down with Ships
33:05 GMB - No More Lies
35:52 Zabutom - Robot Sharks from Hell
38:07 The J. Arthur Keenes Band - The Battle of Spaghettysburg
42:05 Amiga Agia - The Never Used Atari
45:21 Bit the Medusa - C'mon Rider

We hope you enjoyed the show. If So Let us know!!
Take care and we'll see ya next time!!!

_The MicroSoundDJ's!


Game Boy Australia said...

This is tight! Keep it up!

asif said...

hey guys, asif from 2pp here. just visited for the first time. really glad this is being done. look forward to getting these on my ipod for the commute to work.