Friday, September 5, 2008

MSDJ Episode 8:'s Official PodCast

We're back for another episode of MicroSoundDee-Jay!
It's been a little while since our last episode, but we have been pretty busy playing shows and trying to get through this summer. We have Episode 9 already recorded though so stay tuned!

8 bit collective was recently hacked and all of the content was erased. Sadly our backup was a couple months out of date so we lost close to 1000 registered users, there songs, and forum threads, etc. Before this hack happened how ever, we had a list of tunes to play for the show. And while not all of them have been re-uploaded, many hopefully have been re-uploaded and if they haven't you should find the artists and let them know you really enjoyed there song as heard on MSDJ. That being said... all songs on this podcast are protected under Creative Commons.....

We miss pronounced a few artists and completely miss-read a few too.. for that we apologize. We are human after all ! :)

So please Enjoy the show!

Episode 8: Track List
00:00:10 Ate Bitten - Das Me Mator
00:04:39 Trash 80 - Haunted Candies (Halloween themed 8bc 48hr Challenge)
00:06:42 Devolution - Synthetical
00:09:04 Minusbaby - A Que No Te Atreves (Solo Los Jueves) [48hr challenge]
00:12:14 Combatdave - Freeze Hold B
00:17:04 Derris-Kharlan - Exigence(accidentally read "Darrin" on the show sorry! And I think I forgot to bring up the fader on this.. my bad!)
00:20:49 Synthia - Spaceparadecandybrigade
00:24:09 Bal'n - Berceuse (48hr Challenge)
00:27:57 Figher X - Finisher3000
00:32:12 Je Deviens DJ en 3 Jours - Trashing Fakers (We really botched this name, sorry, and we weren't implying you were french...)
00:34:48 Manticore Boy - CCYMCKPDF
00:39:40 Maskinoperator - Videogamegirl
00:43:04 J8bit - Sweetie Freaky
00:45:46 Ary Bo Bary - Brazil Baby (48hr challenge)
00:48:29 Moronbeat - Moron Tester
00:50:22 Stop_Eject - Excessively Bored
00:53:15 Bit the Medusa - Dimbo Dimbo lets go! (back again!! We love 'em!)
***MUSIC VIDEO FOUND On YouTube!!***
00:56:32 Capkonamco - Electrostatic Charges (48hr challenge)
00:58:33 RALP - Endno Voldsomt
01:01:03 B-Knox - Ogoru Fire
01:03:59 Wiklund - The Digital Force
Please check the main page and releases section on forums for more tunes!

As always, Comments and Questions can be emailed to MSDJPODCASTATGMAILDOTCOM

Thanks for listening!!

Take care and we'll see ya next time!!!

_The MicroSoundDee-Jay's!


will force said...

awesome show guyssssss
yet again :)

Paul said...

Pretty good episode ! Waiting for next one !

Claudichima said...

hey, this is awesome. isn't there coming another one soon?